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What is HIPAA, and what is its purpose? - WheelHouse IT 2890 West State Rd. 84, Suite 108, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

Dec 6

HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which the USA government passed in 1996. The act aims at better health care facilities for people who change their jobs or lose their job so that they don't stay without any safety against health services and medical care. In the USA, health care is costly, and if one does not have enough security, it can be an arduous task to get the desired treatment. Hence to cover all workers and ensure their health safety government of the USA had passed this bill. The bill also ensures the safety of the personal health data of individuals who use such medical facilities and care. HIPAA is also a part of the social security act now. This can help one know what is HIPAA and what is its purpose. However, there are also some other purposes attached to this act which are discussed here. 

What is HIPAA, and what is its purpose?

• To have an efficient health care system: The makers of this act want to ensure that all workers who are eligible must get the required protection for health care. With the help of this act, it becomes easy for them to track the status of their plan and if they are covered or not in case of a new job. This makes it easy for those who move to new states for new jobs as they can be victims of new weather and face various health issues initially. As the nation has a huge number of such people, this act helps them to stay protected. 

• Make it easy to port health insurance: There are many health insurance service providers across the USA, and this act helps the authority have them on one platform. If one is not happy with his present health insurance service provider, he can easily switch to some other service provider with the help of the provision in this act. 

• To offer complete protection to the privacy of health plan workers as well as patients: Many times, the health information of an individual or even a health plan worker gets leaked, and hence he has to face a lot of troubles in his personal life. This act protects patients and health plan workers against such leaks and keeps their information secure against any loophole in the system. The act ensures that all health plan workers, patients, health clearinghouses, and their business associates must have enough protection against any such act that discloses their identities and personal health information. 
Hence for such people, it acts as a shield against probable data leaks. 

If you want to know what is HIPAA and what is its purpose, it has four different standards set as per which it functions. These standards are Administrative, technical, policies, and physical, where different standards are set within the parameters of the standard and help one to avail the required health care facilities without compromising on any of these standards. They can be termed as the tools with the help of which the authorities successfully implement the act. They play a vital role in the overall implementation of this act for the benefit of the general public.