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Florida Property Adjusters Residential and Commercial Claims

Dec 29

Property Adjusters in Florida that work with residential and commercial claims

The Property Adjusters in Florida are ready to help you out in case of a disaster. Property adjusters and roofing claims adjusters work together trying to get the insurance company’s money into your pocket after you have filed a claim with them. Property adjusters help people during hurricanes, fires, lightening strikes and hail damage. The Property Claims Adjuster is there to make sure that the property owner gets what they deserve from their insurance company.

Residential Roofing Claims,Commercial Roofing Claims,Mold Water Damage Claims are Florida Property Adjusters Speciality

The Property Claims Adjuster's job is simple; make sure that the insured person files an accurate report and makes no mistakes when filing their insurance claim (and pays their premiums on time). The Property Claims Adjuster has three options: deny the claim, pay for repairs or pay the policy limits. Property Claims Adjusters are good at what they do because there is nothing worse than an insured person who has lost their income with a claim taking forever to be paid. Property Claims adjusters want the matter resolved as quickly as possible, not 30-90 days later. Each Property Claims Adjuster works for one Property Insurance Company, but may have 100 or more commercial insurance claims under management at any given time with several property claims adjusting firms working on each individual claim. Property claims adjusters also work directly for some Property Insurance Companies and report directly to the Property Insurance Company's Office Manager or Assistant Property Claims Manager depending on the size of their company and how large it is . Property Claims adjusters spend their days making phone calls, faxing reports to the Property Insurance Company they are working for at the time, doing site inspections and following up with their insureds. Property claims adjusters need to be very organized because every minute counts when dealing with each claim. Property claims adjusters have many clients but serve few interests. Property Claims Adjusters serve both their company and their insureds equally well.

Property Adjusters in Florida

A Property Claims Adjuster needs to have an excellent understanding of Florida Property Law including Property insurance companies policies, procedures, endorsements , coverages and contracts between the two parties (the Property Insurance Company and its insured). The Property Claims Adjuster must also know how to use a computer or laptop since most of their work is done on a computer and they need to be able to write Property Insurance Company policy wordings and endorsements. Property Claims adjusters also need to know the Property Insurance Company’s procedures for filing claims and making additional requests such as an appraisal request, engineering report request, itemized cost estimate or proof of loss. Property Claims Adjusters must treat all parties with respect and honesty when working directly for Property Insurance Companies or Property insurance companies who work for Property Claims Adjusting firms . Property Claims Adjusters often have many clients so it is important that they are always professional in case something goes wrong with one of their insureds.

Property Claims Adjusting is a career where you can learn the basics quickly (under 1 year) and then spend the rest of your Property Adjusting Career in Specialties such as Property Damage Appraisal, Storm Damage Appraisal, or even Property Claims investigation. Property Claims Adjusters have a great future because the insurance world is growing with so many technological advances being made every day. Property claims adjusters often work directly for Property Insurance Companies but may also work for Property Claims adjusting firms . Property claims adjusters working for property claims adjusting firms have a tremendous amount of responsibilities compared to Property Claims Adjusters who work directly with Property Insurance Companies.

Property insurance companies are one of the largest and most profitable lines of insurance sold in Florida . It is estimated that Florida is home to nearly 1,000 different property insurance companies , including about 700+ homeowners insurance carriers alone. Property insurance companies are ranked based on their “market share.” Market share is the percentage of the Property Insurance Company’s total Property Insurance premium volume written in Florida for a specific line of Property Insurance . There are many Property Claims Adjusting Firms who work directly with Property Insurance Companies to adjust claims and process additional requests made by policyholders. Property Claims Adjusting firms work on behalf of property insurance companies providing high-quality professional service at no cost to insureds. Property claims adjusting firms do not have any employees but instead hire some or all of their staff from Property Claims Adjusters they hire on a contract basis .

Property Claims Adjusters - Getting Your License

Many Property Claims Adjusters will their careers as Property Claims Adjusters begin by simply getting their Property Claims Adjusting License. Property Claims adjusting licensing requirements change often so Property Claims adjusters are advised to visit the Florida Department of Insurance website for current Property Claims adjusting licensing requirements . Property claims adjusters are not required to have college degrees in order to sit for the Property insurance adjuster exams but they do need some kind of formal education such as an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree from a reputed institution. Property Claims adjusters also need to pass two exams given by the state: one exam is on Property Insurance and another on Property Damage Appraisal. Once a Property claims adjuster has passed both these exams, he/she then receives his/her license and can work as an adjuster.

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