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COVID Travel Insurance For Foreigners

Mar 11

When you are travelling, being sick or contracting the COVID-19 virus is one the last things you would expect to ruin your well planned long overdue holiday.  Therefore taking that extra precaution such as investing in a travel insurance will definitely be worth your while.

One of the requirements for travel into Thailand is that each traveler has travel insurance.  The travel insurance is required when you are applying for the Thailand pass, and is checked by Thai immigration officers at the airport.  The travel insurance protects you while travelling through Thailand not just from any unfortunate event but also should you contract COVID-19 virus.

For many people, being able to travel and visit foreign countries is a long awaited convenience.  It has been a difficult two years since the pandemic gripped the world.  Thailand is once again allowing travelers into its beautiful country for recreation purposes.  One of the stipulations for foreigners to be allowed entry into the country is that they are in possession of a COVID-19 Travel insurance.

If you need more information on the requirements needed for the travel insurance, then please read on.  This article will provide you with much information about the travel insurance.


COVID Travel Insurance For Foreigners

With foreign travelers now being allowed into the Thailand, the Thai Government has made it mandatory for all foreign travelers to have COVID-19 travel insurance. 

The travel insurance was introduced to protect travelers from contracting the virus, quarantine, and hospitalization if required and in the unfortunate event of death, it covers any funeral arrangements.

The Thai Government requires the travel insurance in Thailand to have a cover of a minimum amount of $50 000.  The reasoning behind the introduction of the COVID-19 travel insurance was that the Thai Government not be held responsible in the event a foreign traveler contracts the virus. 

Over the last two years the country has been under a considerable pressure, with lockdowns, dealing with the rising infection rates etc.  Thailand is one of the few countries that rely on tourism for its income.   Over the last two years, the loss of income from the tourism industry has had a widely negative impact on the country.

Therefore, with the pandemic rates not as severe, the country has agreed to open it’s borders to foreign visitors.

In the event that a foreign visitor becomes sick with the virus, without an insurance policy it becomes an added expense on the Thai Government, an expense they can do without currently.

According to the public Health Minister of Thailand, it would cost the Government, $14,9 million USD, in unpaid hospital bills.  For a country re-building itself this is a huge cost.

The insurance policy is required for visa application entry.  It applies to all travelers into Thailand, whether you are a tourist or an ex-pat moving into Thailand for work purposes, a COVID-19 travel insurance is needed.

What Does The COVID-19 Travel Insurance Cover?

Travelers should ensure the insurance policy covers the following:

  • In the event that a tourist contracts COVID-19 (or a variant of it), their insurance policy must have complete coverage of costs for treatment. The policy should cover inpatient care, treatment by a general practitioner, hospital stays, and medications. This must be covered for up to 3.1 million Thai Baht (US$100,000).
  • In the unfortunate event that a tourist should pass away of COVID-19 related complications, the traveler must be insured for up to 3.2 million Baht. This is to cover the costs of the funeral, and/or reparations costs.


COVID-19 Travel Insurance Service Provider

It is relatively easy for foreign tourists to obtain a COVID-19 travel insurance.  There are many reliable companies offering their services at good rates.  Listed below are a few companies, tourists may consider:

  • AXA
  • LMG
  • The Viriyah
  • Pacific Cross
  • Falcon
  • Thaivivat

Foreign travelers should be made aware that the actual cost of the insurance is dependent on a few factors, such as age, insurance history, duration of coverage, etc.  Therefore there is no single cost for the insurance policy.  The average cost for a travel insurance policy ranges between $100 - $3000.


What Should Your Travel Insurance State?

When a tourist or any foreign traveler lands in Thailand, the border security officials reserve the right of entry.  Despite having a visa, a traveler may be turned away. 
Travelers need to present their travel insurance as well to be allowed entry into Thailand.  Therefore it is important the insurance contain the correct information.

The Thai Embassy has issued a statement that insurance policy reflect the following:

  • The insurance must state that it covers COVID-19. If it does not list COVID-19 under its coverage scenarios, the traveler will be denied entry.
  • The insurance must state exactly how long it is valid for. This must cover the duration of the time the visitor will be in Thailand from start to finish.
  • The insurance must explicitly state that it covers a minimum of $100,000 USD and that the coverage is comprehensive in nature--this means it covers all treatment and expenses related to COVID-19.



If you are considering traveling, then you as a traveler need to ensure you have a reliable, effective travel insurance policy.  No one appreciates being sick when traveling, but we live in uncertain times, and every precaution should be taken to ensure you have an enjoyable holiday.  The Thai Government has made it mandatory for all foreign travelers to have a COVID travel insurance before they land in Thailand.  As a traveler, do your research, find the best travel insurance in Thailand provider, take all the necessary precautions… Thailand awaits.