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Apr 23

Through the years Jason has served as an advocate for numerous clients before the various Circuit Courts in Illinois and Missouri as well as before the Missouri Court of Appeals. He represents clients in numerous areas of law including personal injury, auto accidents, workers compensation defense against DUI/DWI, criminal defense, and traffic cases.. Jason is licensed in Illinois, Missouri, and Florida.


Workers compensation Belleville IL can be accessed to employees who suffer an injury when they work. Workers' compensation laws were created to offer a benefit to workers who have been injured on the job. These taxes cover medical care and a part of lost wages for employees who have suffered injuries in the work place. If you are in a position to not return to work because of an accident at work, workers compensation can also provide disability-related benefits. Do not let your employer pressure to convince you that you don't qualify for benefits. This is a frequent occurrence.


In the majority of cases, it is essential to employ an Workers Compensation lawyer if you were injured while at work. Victims of injuries often find themselves trapped between a rock a hard place: they need to meet their financial obligations while caring for their injuries but may not be able to do so without breaking company rules. For more information on the benefits you might be eligible for, please contact us.


The Law Office Jason B., Belleville IL workers' comp lawyers. Going can help you navigate this legal process and defend the rights of an injured worker. Our team will advocate for your interests so that you don't lose your time trying to get the compensation you're due from your employer. An attorney can assist you claim all the benefits you're entitled to, if you've suffered injuries in a workplace accident.


It can be difficult not knowing the right steps to take with regards to workplace-related injuries. If you're not familiar with the the laws governing workers' compensation, you may miss out on benefits that could help keep your family and home running. Every Illinois employers must carry workers' compensation insurance. It protects the employer and its employees from the cost associated with on-the-job injuries and ailments!

There is no cost until you collect on the payments you have made.

Workers' compensation is the sole recourse in the majority of situations where you've been injured at work. The Law Office of Jason B. The Law Office of Jason B. Belleville IL workers compensation lawyers provide a free consultation to assist you in understanding the procedure and the benefits you have. If you would like to maximize the chance of receiving the compensation you deserve for your injuries, it is important that you adhere to all legal guidelines. It is crucial to not speak directly with the insurance company or their lawyers after you have discussed the issue with us first.

We represent those who are entitled to workers' compensation benefits because of:

Repetitive trauma, including carpal tunnel syndrome

Accidents involving motor vehicles that are related to work

Industrial accidents and accidents in the construction industry

Protheses and amputations

Injury to the neck back, neck and spinal cord

Injuries that can be fatal or traumatizing

What Are the main areas a workers Comp Lawyer Specialize In?

Workers Compensation Lawyers are experts in assisting employees to receive the benefits they are entitled to when they sustain injuries on the job or illnesses. They understand the difficulties for an employee who is injured while working and can assist those recovering. Some employers attempt to profit from injured employees and reduce the amount they pay them or even claim that there isn't a problem even if they are hesitant to provide benefits whatsoever. Employers will often try to get their workers to see a doctor they have hired to make the employer look more professional than the worker.


A lawyer who is specialized in workers' comp can assist you in understanding the laws to protect workers from injuries in the course of their work. Be sure to contact The Law Office of Jason B. Going for more information!

Our attorneys handle everything for clients, from filing a claim with Workers Compensation Board, and representing their rights during negotiations and hearings. If needed, we'll help you recover your wages lost as well as presenting your case to the court. While most cases settle without trial, it's possible for certain cases to go before an adjudicator. In such cases attorneys can assist to negotiate an acceptable settlement.

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