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How Much Does High Risk Auto Insurance Cost in Hamitlon Ontario?

Apr 27

If you've been rejected for regular car insurance because of your high risk factors, you may be wondering how much does high risk auto insurance cost in Hamitlon. Here's a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about high risk auto insurance. Basically, it's a contract between you and your insurance company to cover the damages to your car, liability to others, and medical costs, among other things.

Car insurance rates in Hamilton are based on the risk of the driver, which is a combination of geographical factors and history. However, you can lower your insurance premium by requesting for discounts and taking advantage of special offers offered by your insurance provider. Crime statistics may also affect your premium, so making your vehicle as safe as possible can help lower your rate. Also, you may be eligible for reduced auto insurance if you have winter tires installed.

While Ontario is an expensive province, Hamilton drivers can enjoy lower rates than drivers in other provinces. The average monthly rate for car insurance in Hamilton is $1,670, which is $170 higher than the province's average rate of $1,634. While there are no 'cheap' neighborhoods in Hamilton, you can find reasonably priced auto insurance by using My Choice.

High Risk Auto Insurance in Hamilton Ontario Canada

As the average insurance premium in Ontario is based on your risk level, the cost of high risk car insurance can be prohibitively expensive. However, if you are careful, you can improve your driving record by avoiding tickets and accidents. Regardless of your risk level, avoiding accidents and making no claims can help lower your insurance costs. So, get a few quotes and make an informed decision based on your personal situation.

Another option is to increase your deductible. You can choose between $500 and $1000 as your deductible. This will save you about five to 10 percent on your insurance premium. The amount of deductible can vary greatly, so it's important to decide how much you want to risk. If you're willing to take on higher risks, you may want to take a defensive driving course to improve your driving record. Alternatively, you can opt to bundle your insurance policies and save even more money.

If you're a high-risk driver in Hamilton Ontario, you can ask your broker about accident forgiveness. This option is usually reserved for highly-rated drivers with excellent driving records. The option generally protects your auto insurance coverage by allowing you to have the first at-fault accident forgiven. Another option is a minor conviction rating waiver, which removes a minor conviction from your auto insurance premium calculation. However, this option is not available in all provinces.

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