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Applying for Mental Health Therapy with Life Insurance Cover

Sep 1

There are many different online therapy options out there nowadays and most of the insurers we deal with will have no issue assigning cover for online therapy versus traditional therapy, so long as the provider is on their approved list of therapy platforms.

In reality, the steps towards getting online therapy through your life insurance cover are not as daunting as the may seem at first, so long as we take them one step at a time and remember 'there's no obligation to buy here, we're just asking for a quote' - that can take a lot of the stress out of the situation for younger folks, new parents and first-time therapy-seekers who suddenly have a heap of 'adulty' responsibilities on their shoulders.

Here are the 3 main steps towards getting therapy covered via life insurance cover with ease:


1 - Get a couple of quotes for the online treatment from certified and fully-qualified therapists in your country.


2 - Choose the therapist that suits your personal needs the most. Different providers offer different rates, benefits, have different clauses and customer service levels, so choose wisely, cheapest can sometimes come at a cost.


3 - Complete your application form online - if you've applied online as advised in step one, simply seal the deal online, meaning you don't need to book an appointment with a stuffy insurance agent or even change out of your pyjamas to get approved.


Most online (and offline) claim forms are composed of three main sections which you'll need to claim back therapy expenses with. They include:

  • Your Personal Details – Your standard contact (name, address, phone, policy number)
  • Your Medical Information – General questions about your physical or mental health.
  • The Supply Agreement or Quote - Vendor information, therapy duration and associated costs.

If this is an area which you’d like to learn more about, you can read more within a detailed article on this topic on using life insurance to get help with therapy on the Lion Life Insurance blog.