Certified Field Appraisers and How They Are Different

Certified Field Appraisers, otherwise referred to as CFAs, are individuals who have been formally trained and are members of the Professional Appraisers Association (PAAs). They are licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). This means that they have met specific educational requirements and obtain a CFA designation after undergoing rigorous training sessions.


Certified Appraisers perform inspections on businesses or homes to determine the overall condition and value of a structure. These inspectors examine everything from doors and windows to carpets and floors. The goal is to find defects or problems with the structure that can affect its overall functionality and safety. In some cases, New York Certified Field Appraisers may even spot things that need immediate repair. For instance, if a window needs to be replaced because it has become blocked with mold, the Certified Appraiser would be able to identify the problem and recommend the best solution for the situation.


Appraisals are usually performed in one of two ways. First, business owners can hire Certified Appraisers to come to their location and inspect the location themselves. Certified Appraisers, who typically have worked in the industry for many years, can help business owners weed out items that are not functional or working properly, while identifying those areas that could use improvement. Business owners can also hire Certified Appraisers to come to their location and perform a mock or theoretical inspection. Certified Appraisers can do this on a part-time or full-time basis, depending upon what type of business they serve.


Many businesses also choose to utilize the services of a Certified Appraiser who hold a Government Contract Appraisal Rating. In order to qualify for this rating, a Certified Appraiser must have been trained by a Government Contract Appraiser (GCA). A GCA will generally be hired after a business owner has had his or her own Certified Appraiser for a specific period of time. Individuals who hold GCA ratings are highly respected in the appraisal field, and are in high demand.


The GCA exam must also be passed before becoming certified. Individuals who want to become GCA candidates must also successfully complete a background investigation. GCA candidates must also meet a set number of requirements, including passing the GCA exam and having a minimum of one year of experience in the Appraisal field. While many other career paths can take someone much longer to reach the point where they are certified, the GCA certification is often attained much sooner. For those considering a career in the Appraisal field, passing the GCA exam is an excellent way to begin.

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