Preparing for the Hurricane Season 2021

Make sure your house is equipped with impact windows

Impact windows are resilient enough to handle projectiles from small firearms to large slush balls. Their ability to abate sound and energy, as well their structural integrity make them one of the best options for security in almost any application.

Preparing your family and home:

Take pictures of your property before the storm so that any damage done is clear. Use landmarks in the photos to show where damage is located on your property so that it can be easily referenced to insurance claims forms. Take precautions for identifying and protecting valuable property by storing important documents and valuables in a safe deposit box. Acquire or refill prescriptions for any medicines you might need during the storm, such as drugs for heart conditions or allergies. Fill up your car’s gas tank and ensure that you have enough nonperishable food and water.

  • Download the FEMA app: Get alerts from the National Weather Service plus safety reminders, emergency checklists, and information about shelters.
  • Sign up online at for free local area emergency alerts via text and emails.

Take the following steps:

  • Talk with your family members to make sure each one knows what to do in case of an emergency situation.
  • Should governmental authorities order an evacuation, make sure everyone in your family knows where you are going and how to get there if you’re traveling separately. Remember, phone service may be unavailable at the time of an emergency.
  • Determine safe places where you could stay if asked to evacuate.
  • Establish multiple meeting points in different directions, so you’re prepared for any emergency.
  • Figure out where you’ll take shelter from the hurricane if you don’t have time to evacuate.
  • Click on Your Family Emergency Plan and use the information to guide you in preparing for disasters.

Prepare an emergency supply kit now

Before a disaster, you should make certain that you have copies of all important documents. Keep a list of your valuable property and store it safely. You can protect your car, family, and property using these easy tips. If anything happens to your home, it’s important for insurance companies that you document the damage correctly. By taking a few simple photos you can easily prove what state your home was in, therefore ensuring a speedy insurance claim.

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