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Anti-theft your home – alarm without subscription
Last updated on September 21, 2021

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1 Alarm without subscription – # 1 burglar alarm for the home
1.1 Anti-theft your home – alarm without subscription
1.2 Theft alarm with or without subscription?
1.3 Alarm system without subscription?
1.4 Why choose a burglar alarm without a subscription?
2 Which alarm should I choose?
2.1 Our alarm without subscription
2.2 FAQ – frequently asked questions about alarm without subscription
2.3 Order a free security check today
2.4 Write to us
There are many different ways you can secure your home against theft. If it is not enough for you to get the neighbor to empty the mailbox and keep a little eye on the home while you are away, you should probably consider investing in an alarm system. It does not have to be as expensive or cumbersome as you might think.

At SD Teknik, we tailor our alarm systems to you, so that they match all your needs and wishes. If you invest in an alarm system with us, you have, among other things, the opportunity to choose whether you want your burglar alarm with a subscription or your alarm without a subscription.
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Burglar alarm with or without subscription?
There are many benefits to investing in a burglar alarm, where you can freely decide if you want a subscription or not – that’s exactly what we offer. A burglar alarm with connection to Securitas A / S control center and a monthly subscription is a slightly more expensive solution, but often gives our customers an incredibly high degree of security. For others, it may seem superfluous to have a control center attached to their alarm system or home alarm.
The choice is entirely your own with us.


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Alarm system without subscription?
You must choose a burglar alarm with a subscription if you want extra security when you leave the home. A burglar alarm on subscription is typically paid for on a monthly basis and is therefore often a more expensive investment than other alarm solutions.

In return, you get an extremely high security for your monthly payment. The alarm will typically be connected to a control center, which both monitors your home alarm and notifies you quickly if it goes off.

In the event of a burglary, the control center can send a guard out to your home. At SD Teknik, we have a strong collaboration with Securitas A / S, and it will therefore be they who move out if you should have a burglary.

Securitas A / S is one of the largest and best control centers on the market, which is why we are incredibly happy to be able to offer this service.

A connected alarm to Securitas control center, costs through us from only DKK 197, – per month.




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